Duplo Composite Horseshoes: 

The most advanced, modern horseshoes on the market are now available for sale in the USA!

The composite shoe has a steel core and a synthetic “plastic” shell that can be shaped to fit the hoof by using the anvil to shape the steel and a grinder or nipper/rasp to shape the plastic. The steel inlay in the composite horseshoe protects the coffin bone and surrounding vascular supply as a toe callus on a barefoot horse.

The plastic material is flexible allowing the hoof to move with independent suspension, absorbs shock, and allows natural movement of the hoof. The synthetic plastic material is durable and wears equivalent to steel horseshoes. The horseshoes are easy to shape, can be nailed or glued on, and can be reset.  Try Duplo Composite Horseshoes on your horse and see the difference!

Advantages of the Duplo Composite Horseshoe

  • Shape the entire shoe to the hoof: Steel and Plastic
  • Price-performance ratio
  • Steel insert provides stability to the vascular supply surrounding the coffin bone
  • Radial nail holes provide more room for alignment with the white line
  • Reduced injury in the herd if kicked by another horse
  • No spark danger in dry environment
  • Barefoot hoof movement and traction are parallel
  • Increased shock absorbtion
  • Break over easily applied to the shoe
  • Inner knobs on the sole surface reduce torsion after application
  • Durable in comparison to traditional shoes
  • Available in ROUND and OVAL shape
  • Large variety of models including a special Laminitis shoe
  • Easy application with nails or glue on
  • Winter traction options
  • No special equipment for basic shoeing
  • Online purchase with USPS shipping

Duplo Product Lines

Download our Catalog for full product descriptions, directions and best practices. Our shoes provide the protection and comfort your loved ones deserve.

Wide range of sizes

Measured at the wides point of the hoof:  

(98 mm, 102 mm, 106 mm, 110 mm, 114 mm, 118 mm, 122 mm, 126 mm, 130 mm, 134 mm, 138 mm, 142 mm, 146 mm, 150 mm, 154 mm, 158 mm, 162 mm, 166 mm, 170 mm)

The Standard Line

Simply the basic plastic Duplo Composite Horseshoe. Available options include: Clips, Clips with Traction Profile, Clips with Threads for Traction Studs, “Universal” Closed Center with Clips, and the Straight Toe Shoe.

The Extra Line

Made of a harder plastic material to withstand the climate in extreme heat, this line is available in the Extra Plus, Clips, and Clips with Traction Profile.

Open Toe 

The Open Toe Shoe is designed for laminitis horses with extra support under P3. The open toe was developed for the treatment of chronic laminitis and is also ideal in other therapuetic conditions becuase the shoe promotes early breakover and minimizes the leverage forces in the toe area of the hoof. 


The Duplo Straight Toe Shoe (STS) is our latest Duplo concept. Compared to a regular round Duplo, the toe area of the STS is slightly straightened.


Spikes and traction studs (4 mm and 6 mm) are great for winter shoeing.